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Self DefenseStanding your ground

Fire AccidentArson related cases

ShopliftingMajor and minor thefts

Sexual OffencesRape, Child abuse

Drug OffencesMajor and Minor Drug Offenses

Money LaunderingWire Fraud, Bank Fraud

Drinking & DrivingDUI, DWI offenses

Insurance ServicesInsurance Fraud

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Send us a request and let us know the details of your case. We will do some initial research and schedule a free consultation.

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Upon review your case, we offer our clients a free consultation to review options and manage expectations. During this period we will discuss the best course of action for a timely resolution.


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We will draft a contract and state what retainers are required to begin moving forward with your timely defense.



Payments are due in advance unless otherwise arranged. We can work with clients under certain circumstances.



We will do a thorough investigation on your behalf to discover the facts of the case.


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We will schedule court dates in a timely fashion.



Why Us?


Make sure you have an attorney with the experience and expertise because he or she will potentially have a significant impact on your case and a lasting impact on your life.

Impressive record of trial victories

In cases ranging from special circumstances murders to DUI and simple assault charges the Robert Harris Law Firm has tried and won many landmark cases in Lee & Colliar Country.

A respected law firm on your side

Robert Harris has been practicing criminal defense in Fort Myers for twodecades. Mr. Harris’s reputation in the community is a testament to his integrity and commitment to protecting his clients’ rights and best interests.

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